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Marriage Is a Mirror

Written by Richard Coekin on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

In most Western cultures—with divorce rates rising, marriages rates falling, and more couples cohabiting and having kids without marrying—even the most romantic and glamorous royal wedding can’t obscure the obvious question: is

If Richard Dawkins Is Right

Written by Bernard N. Howard on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

“Nobody knows who the four evangelists were, but they almost certainly never met Jesus personally. Much of what they wrote was in no sense an honest attempt at history. . . . The gospels are ancient fiction.” – Richard

Where Can We Be Safe

Written by Heidi Carlson on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Last spring I promised my kids a visit to a new playground. It was early evening when we pulled up to the play structure in an urban Virginia neighborhood a mile from our home. A group of about 20 school-aged children were

Are You a Faker

Written by Mathew B. Sims on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

My family recently had a birthday party for my oldest daughter Claire. We invited mostly family and a few of her friends from school. We’ve tried to make reasonable rules for our home. There’s one particular show she’s

Biblical Submission for All

Written by Ryan Troglin on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Complementarianism—the conviction that men and women are equal as God’s image bearers yet have different roles in the church and home—can be a confounding and contentious topic. Some simply do not know what it looks

5 Ways to Deepen Your Preaching

Written by Gavin Ortlund on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

I’ve been blessed lately with the opportunity to preach a bit more. I love preaching, and I got excellent homiletics training at Covenant Seminary. But the more I learn about preaching, the more I realize how much more there still is to

We Cannot Be Silent

Written by Richard Phillips on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

At the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus contrasts the fate of those who build on solid rock with those who build on shifting sand. Of those who build on the latter, he foretells of a great fall (Matt. 7:27).

We currently find

Love Is in the Fire

Written by Brad Larson on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Hersson Herrera is a firefighter and a Marine. He lives in Lewisville, Texas, with his wife Amy and daughter Olivia, and attends The Door Church in Coppell, Texas. Hersson joined the Marine Corps hoping to join the Crash Fire

Death Is Not ‘Okay’

Written by Trillia Newbell on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

It was a Wednesday morning. I packed up the kids and headed to my mom’s house to pick up my niece, a sweet young girl in that preteen stage. She and I were going to spend the entire day together. When I arrived, I

Autumn Dying Beautifully

Written by Joseph Rhea on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

The leaves of Indianapolis die richly. They turn through glory as they go: empyrean yellow, atonement red. A carnival of color over the streets. The blessing is sudden, a shock.

We know about cholorophyll: the science

How to Disagree

Written by Staff on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Before the widespread accessibility of the internet, most theological debate moved at the speed of journal publishing, which is to say, slowly.  There was a time when perhaps two years would pass before an author would see critical reviews

You Are Not What You Eat

Written by Ryan Troglin on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Body image and BMI, health and nutrition, exercise and eating habits—these topics bombard us each time we turn on the TV, flip through a magazine, or surf the web. Advertisers clamor to convince us that we’ll only

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