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Should the Children Suffer

Written by Elliot Clark on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

The incarnation has always provided me incredible motivation for mission. Jesus willingly left heaven, comfort, glory, and his Father. He made his home among us and gave himself for us. There could be no greater example of missionary

Why St Nick Can’t Save Santa

Written by Dustin Messer on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

In the first half of the fourth century, St. Nicholas of Myra punched the Trinity-denying Arius in the face. At least, that’s what the memes on my newsfeed say. Regardless of the historicity, the motivation behind its retelling is

Just Drop the Blanket

Written by Jason Soroski on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Last week “A Charlie Brown Christmas” aired on national primetime television for the 50th time. In a world where the latest greatest technology is outdated in a matter of months, and social media trends come and go in a

Gospel Power for a Secular Age

Written by Christopher Morgan on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

The gospel has been, is, and will always be powerful in every culture—including our secular age.

Through the gospel, God still turns antagonists into his chil­dren. And through the gospel, he still forms communities who display

I Am the Elder Brother

Written by Sam Guthrie on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

I am a laborer. I am obedient. I am hardworking and driven. I am the elder brother.

The parable of the lost son is the beautiful, heartbreaking story of God’s love not only for his wayward son but also his

The Rise of the Control Freak

Written by Tony Reinke on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

It’s 10:30 in the morning on January 1, 2015 and my New Year is off to a pre-caffeinated start. My inner fog is contrasted by 100 cheering girls bouncing around me, gathered here with their parents in the large rotunda of the Mall of

Zechariah’s Song

Written by Staff on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

“Luke uses the Old Testament as a frame of reference for understanding who Jesus is, and he introduces us to Jesus as the interpretive key for understanding the Old Testament.’” Alistair Begg

The Paradox of Chronic Pain

Written by Jeremy Linneman on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

I was first diagnosed with chronic pain when I was a teenager. For more than a decade, I’ve woken up in pain and remained in pain.

Only recently have I discovered that I’m not alone in this pain. About 40 percent of Americans

How to Pray the News

Written by Joe Carter on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

In ancient times it would take weeks to travel several hundred miles across land. Then came the era of the railways and the time was cut to days. Information traveled at the speed of the traveler and for most of human history, news—whether

Condemned Sin

Written by Staff on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

“How bad do you think your sins need to be for God to condemn you? The answer to that is generally ‘just a little bit worse than mine have been.’” Mark Dever

Text: Romans

Why Trust the Bible

Written by Justin Dillehay on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

If you’ve been looking for a book to give non-Christians explaining why the Bible can be trusted, this is it. Logically laid out, carefully argued, and splendidly illustrated (with word pictures), Greg Gilbert’s

Why Celebrate Advent

Written by Timothy Paul Jones on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Once upon a time, there was a season in the church year known as “Advent.” The word comes to us from the Latin for “coming.” The purpose of the season was to anticipate the coming of Christ to earth; it was

Theology Is for the Humble

Written by Brandon D. Smith on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Christians need theology like we need to breathe. And like breathing, it’s so integral to who we are that we don’t even realize we’re doing it. We can’t avoid theology, nor should we. Without theology, our faith is a

The Gospel in Italy

Written by Ivan Mesa on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Home of the pizza, battery, piano, espesso machine, barometer, typewriter, violin, and MP3, Italy is replete with interesting cultural history.

This peninsular country, nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean

Why You Should Consider Adoption

Written by Chelsea Patterson on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

November is National Adoption Month, a time when many American churches focus one Sunday to discuss the plight of the fatherless. Some hearts will be stirred to action, and will begin the process of fostering or adopting. Sadly, though, many

When Terrorism Works

Written by Caleb Greggsen on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

I was 14 when Islamic terrorists attacked my school. In the years that followed, I was often physically overwhelmed by an anxiety that came from knowing I could never feel safe anymore.

As I read live updates from Paris last

Brother Where Is Your Identity

Written by David Powlison on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Who are you? What gives a man his identity? On what foundation are you building your sense of self? Your answer, whether true or false, defines your life.

Wrong ways of defining who we are arise naturally in our hearts, and the world

How to Witness at Work

Written by Tom Nelson on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

Every day when you arrive at your workplace, an attitude arrives with you. Our attitudes are like the perfume or cologne we are wearing; we smell the fragrance when we first put it on, but others smell it throughout the day. The fragrance

How to Pray for Paris

Written by Mike Evans on . Posted in The Gospel Coalition Blog

The whole of France, but more particularly Paris, is coming to grips with the worst-ever terrorist attack on its soil in recent memory. Six almost simultaneous attacks have left in their wake 129 dead and more than 350 injured,

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