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Economics, Politics, And Morality

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It's a universal experience for everyone, despite age, race, or creed. How morality plays a role in our everyday life, whether we realize it or not.

Have you ever heard the comments, "Don't force your morality on me," or "You can't legislate morality"? These statements sound logical, but actually they are not. We're involved in "morality" every time we engage in economics or politics.

If I develop a product from my own creativity and resources, then you steal the product, how can I support my family? Theft is illegal. For the sake of order and the common good, property rights are recognized by our legal system. This is a fundamental underpinning of our free enterprise system and it is a moral statement.

We teach our children that they are responsible for their actions, that they should "do their best," that they should not lie or cheat. These character principles are the essential ingredients of an honest marketplace. Whenever these moral conditions are violated, we all suffer economically.

The tax code is about moral choices, not just financial or political choices.

Whether or not to bomb ISIL is a moral question.

Economics and politics are about making decisions, and decisions cannot be made without values. We're all expressing our morality everyday.

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