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I've heard people tell me, "If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." But what if I told you the existence of 'luck' is as likely as the existence of "leprechauns"?

The idea of luck is now a defining belief in the lives of millions of people. A student is asked how she did on her examination: "Luck was with me." Actors are asked about their success: "I'm just so lucky.

Sports teams head for the field or court with "Good Luck" ringing in their ears. Someone has a close call driving: "Wow, was I ever lucky."

Now maybe these references to luck are just clichés. Just slang for complex ideas.

But words have meaning. If you say you're lucky, you're saying something about your theology.

For the Christian who believes in the sovereign God, the idea of luck makes no sense. In fact, if the eternal, omniscient God exists, luck cannot exist.

Luck suggests life is a crapshoot. Life is nothing but chance and uncertainty. Life is not comprised of responsible choices before a knowing God. Life is magic. Life is luck.

But the Living God puts the lie to luck. Good or bad Luck is no more real than the Tooth Fairy.

Your life rests in the hands of the Creator God—not luck.

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