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Voting for the “Faith” Candidate

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During election season, candidates flaunt their religious convictions like peacocks... all in attempt to stand out from the crowd. But how can you differentiate sincere faith... from political pandering?

Virtually all presidential candidates declare they are "people of faith." But this assertion is unremarkable.

All human beings, including those who claim to be atheists, are "people of faith." This attribute does not make candidates unique or special.

People place their faith in something outside themselves. We hold assumptions, which is to say faith, about life and its meaning. We construct our values, attitudes, practices, and viewpoints, based upon faith. Life is inescapably religious, so candidates who acknowledge some form of personal faith are simply stating the obvious.

On the other hand, some presidential candidates' lame attempts at "God talk" make them appear ridiculous. Misquoted Scripture, misused religious words, and mangled moral logic have all made their appearance on the campaign trail.

So voters should take all this with a grain of salt. Be glad for genuine expressions of religious faith in candidates' lives. And be forgiving where forgiveness is warranted.

But also be discerning. Hold candidates accountable with your vote where disingenuous faith is a window to greater character problems—thus the kind of person no responsible citizen should want as president.

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