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A Chance Beginning? A Chance Ending?

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Have you ever thought about why you were born on a certain day? Or how about the day you die? Do you believe there is a reason? Or is it just chance?

People want to believe life begins by chance—that life is the product of randomly floating particles, luck, or happenstance.

Meanwhile, people do not want to believe life ends by chance.

People don't like to think death is the result of some randomly occurring confluence of events or bad luck. Rather, people want to believe death is a rational, directed transition to happiness ever after.

But why is it chic to believe chance determines birth but not death? There's a logical and philosophical inconsistency here.

If God exists, and He involves Himself in our death, why wouldn't He involve Himself in our birth? If God does not exist, where do we get the idea that either birth or death have some meaning?

People like to believe life is chance because this places no moral expectations upon them. They can live their lives in whatever way they please.

But when it comes to death, people are afraid. They want to believe they matter, so God comes in handy.

The Bible speaks to these matters: Birth, Life, Death, Eternit, the Sovereign God, not chance, governs them all.

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