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Resurrection 'Spin'

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goodnews“So the soldiers took the money and did as they were instructed. And this story has been widely circulated among the Jews to this very day”.   Matthew 28:15

If there is one issue that seems to be coming to me over and over lately, it is the “spin” that is being put on reality and life by the media. Sometimes I wake up and wonder if I can trust anything I hear and see anymore. There is so much distortion of reality by the media that it is frightening. The media “spin” has seemingly turned black into white, up into down, truth into error and right into wrong. Recently, I have begun to wonder what happened to my country. Am I alone in this thinking? How about you?

As we celebrate our Lord’s glorious Resurrection on April 20th, you would think the story of a dead Man forever conquering the grave would be front page news EVERYWHERE. Sadly, Easter Sunday won’t be on too many front page headlines this year. Most news about Easter is in “Section D” of the paper, next to the advertised sales on tires and batteries…or something like that. If the Resurrection of the Lord isn’t front page news this Easter, you would have to wonder what other issues would be more important to people. Wouldn’t it be great if the headlines of every paper read, “DEATH DEFEATED” or how about, “HE’S ALIVE!”

The bottom line this Easter is that our Lord’s resurrection has been given a “spin” by the world. It appears too many people would be upset if the simple, plain truth about it was told with any clarity. As a result, it just becomes another “private religious holiday” we hear some public reference to in the spring and that is about it. Even some churches tend to be conservative or quiet about the Resurrection. After all, let’s keep that “separation of church and state thing” going strong so no one is offended by God Almighty.

Of course, as we look back on our Lord’s wonderful Resurrection, we see that the media put a “spin” on our Lord’s glorious miracle from the beginning. Matthew’s gospel tells us that the religious leaders bribed the soldiers to tell everyone that the disciples stole the body while they were sleeping. Matthew 28:15 states that the lies about Jesus’ Resurrection were widely believed by people up to the present day. The soldiers and the religious leaders both knew that Jesus was alive and the Resurrection was true, but they hid the evidence and worked to suppress the truth about it. Just think of the numbers of people who believe some lie about the reality of the Resurrection TODAY. Sadly, this deception is even entertained and supported by tenured professors in Christian colleges and universities that believe and/ or teach that the evidence about Jesus’ Resurrection is not all that conclusive for a variety of “scholarly” reasons. The lesson in all of this is that this world is still crucifying our Lord and putting Him in the grave without a Resurrection.   People are still intent on hiding the powerful truth of the Resurrection from daily life. People are still not sure what to do with a Risen Lord walking around their neighborhood. After all, if people accept that Jesus is alive they have to do something about it; they have to make a decision. They just can’t ignore it. No, it is much safer, it seems, to believe a media “spin” about the Resurrection and relegate the central truth of life to “Section D” of the newspaper next to the sales on tires and batteries.

This Easter, I hope we KNOW that Jesus is alive and Resurrected for us. I hope and pray that we KNOW that the Resurrection is not only true, but the central truth of our lives. May the truth of our Lord’s victory over death, sin and Hell set us free to overcome the “spin” of this world. May we all live new, meaningful and rich lives. May this be our best Easter ever with the people we know and love. Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

Have a GREAT April! May we all meet our Risen Lord Jesus every day.

For His Glory,


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