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Valerie Elliot Shepard shares memories and insight into the lives of her legendary parents, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. She tells the story of two people whose lives exemplified complete obedience. She shares her insightful thoughts on carrying on their legacy.

As a child, he was intrigued by the importance his father placed in regularly meeting with a group of Christian men.  He remembered that as an adult and wanted it too, and saw the importance of meeting with, and being held accountable by a group of fellow believers.  This film tells their story.

A wonderful story of how a woman’s God given talents and gifts are now being used after being dormant for over 15 years. Through obedience and an ever expanding faith, her gift of art is now being used for hope and healing in the lives of others.
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Seeds are meant to be sown. Often the sower never sees the harvest, but the seeds still need to be sown. The church must nurture the seeds that are sown, often in creative and unfamiliar ways. 

When God calls, He provides. A wonderful story of God's faithfulness expressed through coffee.

Among the gifts God has given us is the gift of imagination.  We are made in the image of a creative God, and it is never too early to learn to use our gift of creativity.  Kevin Kammeraad and The Cooperfly Puppet Troupe use puppets, books, music and experiences to inspire enthusiasm and creativity in kids of all ages. 


Sometimes God calls us to do something “out of the box”. Paul’s Moms Cookies is the story of how two women and  their passion for baking became their ministry. One cookie at a time.


Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, well known 20th century missionaries, were bold and courageous in answering the call to bring the the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.  But, their daughter, Valerie Elliot Shepard, reminds us that God will give us the same boldness and courage when we answer the call to walk across the street and bring the Gospel to our neighbor.
"Divine Intervention"

“God’s ability to forgive is greater than your ability to sin.”  Dick Rolfe, Co-founder and CEO of the Dove Foundation; tells his story of how God reached down and put him on the right path.

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