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Throughout history the world has seen kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall.  We have seen nations rise and nations fall, and today we even see our own nation on the decline.  But, what a wonderful promise we have that the Kingdom of God will never fall or be destroyed.

The Resurrection of Christ is the center of the Christian faith... and it is being modeled for us again in the rebirth of the State of Israel in our very own lifetime.

Tolerance is a popular word today.  We are all told we should be tolerant.  We don't hear as much about love.  But, is tolerance what you really want?  Wouldn't we all rather be loved?

Where is Heaven? Here and now? A mirage? Or a real place being prepared for those who love God?

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What's Behind the Recent Faith Based Movies

doveDick Rolfe, founder of the Dove Foundation recently spoke with us about the recent influx of Christian-oriented films and his feelings about what is happening in Hollywood.

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Thoughts on Politics

politics3 We live in a partisan, divisive, and politically paralyzed age. This is true and has been for centuries around the world, but now it’s our situation at home, particularly in Washington, D.C. but also, if you look twice, in many “interest areas” like religion, social or civic endeavors, even athletics.

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News Helicopter Crashes Near Space Needle In Seattle UPDATE Two Killed One Injured

Posted in The Blaze


A KOMO-TV news helicopter crashed early Tuesday near Seattle’s iconic Space Needle. According to the Seattle Fire Department, the crash killed two people and injured one.

KOMO-TV reporter Kelly Koopmans live tweeted the series of events:

This is a breaking news story. Updates will be added.

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