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Reporter Jay Carney’s Latest Benghazi Comments Have Been ‘Dissembling Obfuscating and Often Insulting’

Written by Jason Howerton on . Posted in The Blaze


CNN anchor Jake Tapper dissected White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s attempts to spin the latest Benghazi revelations, calling his remarks “dissembling, obfuscating and often insulting.”

Discussing the recently released emails that revealed an attempt by the White House to portray the 2012 terrorist attack as the result of a video, Tapper told radio host Hugh Hewitt that the Obama administration’s version of events “does not sit with what I think happened.

The journalist suggested the White house “leaved heavily into” a story that would protect President Barack Obama’s reelection chances.

Hewitt accused Carney of flat-out “lying” about Benghazi and alleged there is an obvious “cover-up underway.” Earlier in the segment, the radio host also said Carney is probably the worst press secretary ever.

On Wednesday, Carney argued the emails released by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch weren’t about Benghazi, but rather about the situation in the Middle East as a whole. His spin has been mocked heavily.

Listen to the segment via “The Hugh Hewitt Show”:

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