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Jon Stewart Unloads Over Gov’t Incompetence Shouting Obscenities Into a Giant ‘Screaming Jar’

Written by Billy Hallowell on . Posted in The Blaze


“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart ripped government incompetence Wednesday night, unloading over recent stories surrounding the IRS, Social Security Administration and Veterans Affairs. At one point during the segment he was so enraged that he shouted obscenities into a so-called “screaming jar.”

First, Stewart tackled reports that many IRS employees owe back taxes to the very government institution that employs them. While some observers have cited that the proportion of staffers who owe these taxes is small and possibly around just 1 percent, the comedian hit back at this claim.

“It’s also quite high when you take in account that it’s the IRS. It’s like saying only one percent of the workers at the Centers of Disease Control are spreading disease,” he rebuffed, going on to quip: “Most of them are not opening viles of smallpox on crowded subways at all.”

Stewart proceeded to lambaste the Security Security Administration for a program in which they were seizing tax refunds from people whose parents had died years ago, alleging that the government overpaid their families more than a decade ago. The program was halted after families and members of Congress complained.

“Nothing brings about the raising of consciousness like people finding out about the s**t you’re doing,” Stewart said.

What really set the comedian off, though, was a report claiming that 40 veterans died while waiting for treatment in the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system.

Many of these individuals were allegedly on a secret waiting list setup by healthcare managers in an effort to hide the fact that 1,400-1,600 sick veterans were being forced to wait months to see a health care provider, according to sources.

Stewart was so enraged that he began shouting expletives into a giant “screaming jar.” Watch it unfold below:

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