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Set in Stone

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Set in Stone

Psalm 81:4, 5
4For it is a statute for Israel, a rule of the God of Jacob. 5He made it a decree in Joseph when he went out over the land of Egypt.

The Story: There should be in worship a remembrance of God’s mighty works and unchanging words. At Mt. Sinai God provided Israel with clear guidelines and standards for how He preferred to be worship. He was not open to the innovations of men who thought they could improve on God’s regulative principles (Lev. 10). The reference to God going out over the land of Egypt is probably meant to recall the first Passover and the death angel who ravaged the nation that sought to keep Israel from the true worship of God. Is this a veiled reminder that God is to be feared? If it is true that God has provided statutes and rules, grounded in His eternal decrees, concerning how His people are to worship Him, then it behooves us to discover what those are and how they are to be obeyed. Worship is not simply whatever we choose to make it. God commands worship, God defines worship, and God warns worshipers to remember Who He is and what He has done – and is capable of doing.

The Structure: The idea that there are “regulations” which should govern the way we worship God in these latter days is hardly acknowledged within the Body of Christ. Worship is either what we choose to make it, according to our purposes and tastes, or what we have received from our tradition. But what any of this means, or whether it has anything to do with what God requires in worship doesn’t seem to concern us very much. The point, after all, is just to be together with God’s people, offer Him some praise, and listen to His Word, right? Well, no. Worship is the starting point and end of Christian life, as well of Christian worldview. Our walk with the Lord, and our Christian worldview, will only be as true and vibrant as our worship is faithful to what God requires.

Does your church teach people what worship is and how to worship? If not, how are folks supposed to learn this?

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