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Remember the Covenant

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Remember the Covenant

Psalm 74:20, 21
20Have regard for the covenant, for the dark places of the land are full of the habitations of violence. 20Let not the downtrodden turn back in shame; let the poor and needy praise your name.

The Story: God’s covenant was Israel’s only hope. God had promised to make Israel a great nation, to bless them, and to make them a blessing to the whole world. Asaph calls upon the Lord to remember His covenant, as in the days of Moses, and to revive His people before the darkness of idolatry and national destruction overwhelms them. He seems to think that a remnant – the poor and needy – yet remains who might be mobilized for revival. Doubtless Asaph is thinking of those who are poor in spirit and sense the need for revival. God will never fail His people; He always has a remnant who are loyal to Him. These are they who recognize their spiritual impoverishment and lack of strength, and who turn to the Lord, pleading with Him to remember His covenant promises of old.

The Structure: The promises made to Abraham are ours to claim today (Rom. 4). Only by these precious and very great promises can the people of God hope to know, love, and serve Him; but they must be willing to cast off all worldliness in order to begin basking in God’s covenant once again (2 Pet. 1:3, 4). The allure of our present, sinful age is very strong; churches have given in to all manner of temptation to compromise their inheritance in order to attract their worldly neighbors to church. But the church to which they come is very often little more than a pale reflection of their own lives. Where are the poor and needy today who will seek the Lord earnestly for covenant renewal?

Meditate on Genesis 12:1-3. Here are God’s covenant promises to His people in every age. To what extent are you able to identify these promises at work in your own church? Is it time for you to begin praying for revival?


For more insight on reading the Psalms, get the book, How to Read the Psalms, by Tremper Longman III.

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