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The Plight of the Poor

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The Plight of the Poor

The Plight of the Poor

Job 24:5-8
“Behold, like wild donkeys in the desert
the poor go out to their toil, seeking game;
the wasteland yields food for their children.
They gather their fodder in the field,
and they glean the vineyard of the wicked man.
They lie all night naked, without clothing,
and have no covering in the cold.
They are wet with the rain of the mountains
and cling to the rock for lack of shelter.”

The Story: Maybe Job’s friends would like to try out their argument on the poor? They live like animals, Job says, wandering here and there, gathering what food they can find, gleaning whenever they can. They never have enough of this world’s necessities – food, clothing, shelter, friends (hint, hint). Would Job’s friends say that the poor also are under the judgment of God? That they are living in unconfessed sin? Some, perhaps. But all of them? Job is hammering away at the cold, unfeeling hearts of his friends, forcing them to consider their position in a larger, more perfect light. If they can’t apply their conclusion universally, then what makes them so sure they should apply it to him?

The Structure: Job is more gracious than his friends, for he speaks indirectly to them. He is trying to get them to reach their own conclusions about their argument, and, as is apparent from chapter 25 on, his tactic seems to have worked. It will be interesting to see that God, when He comes to Job, takes the very same tack in responding to Job’s overreaching demands.

Does your church sustain a ministry to the poor in your community? In what ways?


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