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Facts Faith and Faces

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

World Relief hosts free webinar: Leading Your Church Through the Post-Election Environment

In my life I have not faced fear so strong as to force me to flee from my home and my country, but I have known thousands of refugees, in America and in other countries, who have demonstrated that strength. They mustered the courage and resilience required to make that decision and embark on a search for safety. Those who also endured the long process to be approved to come to America, along with many other immigrants coming here, have come seeking safety from persecution, terror, and violence. While we do not yet know what policies a new administration will put in place, there is a palpable fear and sense of rejection that has taken hold in immigrant communities since the recent election.

This fear was evident in the face of one refugee friend who was asking if the police will now come for him and his family. His fear is based in personal history. This has happened to him before in his home country, and despite all of his fortitude to start his life over in a new place, he is wondering if the persecution is to be repeated here.

As the people of God, regardless of our political views, we need to understand and enter into these feelings of our neighbors. We must seek to show love as never before, because, of all people, we know that “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18). As we live into this Christian calling, I see three things that should characterize our love and our actions.

Facts. One casualty of an election cycle that was often informed by 140 character statements is that sound bites cannot build an understanding of the complex problems of our world or the real state of our national policies. God’s people must be a people of truth and champions of understanding that goes far beyond sound bites and ...

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