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Sunday Journeys - One Month at Moody Church

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

I love the diversity of cultures, ages, and worship styles.

I was not at Moody Church today, but ended up at another Chicagoland church due to an odd twist of circumstances.

I was planning to be in Miami this weekend, preaching at Christ Fellowship, while Knute Larson preached at Moody Church. However, the storm bumped me out of Miami on Thursday— but James MacDonald was recovering from knee surgery and he asked me to fill in at Harvest Bible Chapel.

So… I was gone from Moody Church, but was thinking about the church, and decided to share an update of what I’ve learned so far.

Here are some quick observations thus far.

First, I love the diversity and the forward movement.

For example, we just had a group of new members join the church. As they did, they mentioned their country (or location) of origin. New members were from everywhere! And, it’s pretty amazing to see this many new members, particuarly during an interim time.

Moody Church has people from 70 nations, which is quite remarkable. And, Moody Church is moving forward—it’s not on pause, it is on mission.

Second, and related to the above picture, they take membership seriously. Notice the membership covenant, both in hands and on the screen. They read it aloud—the whole congregation—when new members are welcome.

This is so essential— I love it when churches take membership seriously.

Third, the age diversity is refreshing. There is both stroller parking (see pic) AND senior adults. It’s great to see both in one place.

Fourth, the music diversity matches the ethnic and age diversity.

It’s a blended church, more than a traditional church, I’d say. There are choruses led from the guitar, but also an orchestra (at times).

This past Sunday, we had a guitar, an orchestra, ...

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