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An Invitation To Our First Billy Graham Center Vision Gathering

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

We are building a Center that is rock solid on a vision to build One Body of Christ that shows & shares Jesus well in our broken and hurting world. Join us August 25 in Jackson, MS, to learn more!

Just a little over a month ago I became the new Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College. When I accepted this role, I knew the team at the Center was already doing some great work. So my primary goal here became two-fold: (1) to build on the legacy and work we have done in order to (2) create a Center where partnerships and coalitions are formed and sustained on a level that create deep change across dividing lines and leads us towards a new level of unity around our calling of showing & sharing the love of Jesus in a broken and hurting world.

You will be hearing that a lot from us in the days to come: ‘showing & sharing.’ The proclamation of the gospel can never be divided from the demonstration of the gospel. Sometimes one rises in urgency over the other, but when laid side by side, the two can never be separated. Our lives demonstrate the love of Christ and our love for Christ compels us to tell others about Him.

On this foundation, we are, convnetioning Christian leaders, doing important research, and helping leaders to equip their churches to be on mission. You can find a whole lot more about what we are doing here.

One way we will begin to tell people about our new vision is through what we are calling “Vision Gatherings.” These will be events around the country where we will meet with those passionate about evangelism. Really, we have two goals for these Vision Gatherings: (1) to share our vision and find partners who are also passionate about evangelism and (2) to excite and rally people in an area to develop a greater passion and gospel impact in their communities.

We will be holding our first BGCE Vision Gathering & Dinner on Thursday, August ...

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