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20 Truths from The Church as Movement by JR Woodward and Dan White Jr

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

1. God made us as relational beings, and he brings understanding through interaction and reflection. (16)

2. The Church as Industrial Complex is a resource-driven form of church that has a gravitational pull that unintentionally turns spirituality into a product, church growth into a race, leadership into a business and attendees into consumers. (25)

3. All church planting movements start with life in God. (27)

4. Jesus didn’t say, “Well done my good and fruitful servant.” He said, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” (33)

5. We join God’s mission in the world, we don’t ask him to join ours. (34)

6. We must live into community with each other that models a mosaic of voices even if it causes us to slow down our pace. (67)

7. As we pursue a life in God, we discover that it is often through our struggles and suffering that we find God in new ways. (75)

8. Discipleship cannot be microwaved because people are fragile and each of us has a unique story that makes the process difficult. (104)

9. We must embrace a view of the Spirit that is available and alive in the space of discipleship. (106)

10. When the gospel is reduced to a private affair between us and God, it not only seems self-serving, but it becomes irrelevant to the world around us and the problems we face a humanity, whether it be poverty, senseless violence, ecological disasters or the break up of families. (120)

11. God has placed us into a family that crosses every boundary made by people, people from every tribe, tongue and nation. (146)

12. Taking time to weekly meet with people who don’t self identify as Christians is a practical way for someone like me who works with a lot of Christians, to build strong relationships ...

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