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Small Church Chicagoland Pastor Need a Break Ill Preach for You Tomorow

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

I'm moving to Chicago. Need a Sunday off? I'll come preach.

Need pulpit supply and you pastor a small church in Chicagoland?

I’ll be happy to preach for you, July 3, 2016.


Quick update: I’ll be preaching at Shorewood Church of God tomorrow, a church of about 100, where Jarad Houser serves as the solo pastor. Can’t wait!

Here’s the original post:


As you may have heard (if you are a blog reader), I’ll moving to Wheaton, IL. It’s close to my new job. ;^)

Yesterday, Jaclyn (my daughter) and I drove to Wheaton and now up so I’ll be in the Chicago area Sunday, July 3. I’m not scheduled to preach anywhere that day, and most of my family is not yet here, so here’s the deal.

I’d like to start my time in Chicago at a small church.

The typical church is a small church, with an average attendance of under 100, actually. And, we’ve got some exciting plans coming up at the Billy Graham Center related to small churches (more on that later). But, I’d like to start my new role in this new city at a normal church—which is a small church.

So, if you pastor a church of less than 150 and would like a Sunday off, I’ll be happy to preach for you in the morning service. I can go to lunch with the pastor, staff, other key leaders if they want to chat revitalization, church structure, mission, or whatever.

I’m even open to a Cubs primer!

I don't care about the denomination as long as you are fine with whatever I preach. And, you can't pay me anything for preaching. All I ask is that you are within an hour drive time from Wheaton.

Since I’m in the middle of moving I can’t bring any gift books with me, but ...

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