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The Ministries of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

More info about the important work of the BGCE

For the past year I have been serving as Senior Fellow at the Center and have been really impressed by the amount of ministry that happens through such a relatively small group of people.

Over the past nine months, we have

  • Equipped nearly 70,000 people for evangelism both in person and online
  • Organized and hosted two major conferences to engage Christians in the global refugee crisis
  • Started four new senior pastor cohorts in the Evangelizing Churches Initiative
  • Launched the largest-of-its-kind research project to study the unchurched and churches reaching them
  • Launched ReKindle, a YouTube channel designed to equip Christians for better gospel witness
  • Launched the EMQ podcast designed to equip the Church to more effectively minister to the unreached
  • Expanded the Evangelism Initiative conversation to 40 Christian colleges and universities

Now let me share in more detail.

Training. A number of our staff speak both nationally and internationally in churches, at conferences, and in college settings on missions and evangelism. We have invested deeply in mentoring communities and are committed to walking alongside the next generation of Christ-followers through discipleship. We also have several online training resources to engage Christians and leaders in gospel witness. These include our Gospel Life blog and our YouTube channel, ReKindle, which we launched last September in partnership with our friends at Q Place. You can also check out our Pinterest page to find encouraging quotes related to evangelism.

Convening. I am excited to guide the Center into a place where we lead the conversation in evangelism. This means not only putting out resources and content to train the Church today, but also bringing together thought-leaders who will ...

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