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The Armageddon CodemdashAn End Times Interview with Billy Hallowell

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

The return of Christ remains, as ever, a topic of great interest.

Ed Stetzer: Why did you write this book?

Billy Hallowell: I have always been fascinated by end-times theology. I was raised in non-denominational churches, so—like many evangelicals—I'm more than familiar with the concept of premillennialism and a pre-tribulation rapture, but this book afforded me an opportunity to dive deep inside of the minds of some of the most well-known eschatological experts, pastors and theologians to ask key questions about what they believe the Bible says about the end times. It turns out the debate is quite complicated, and that's putting it mildly.

My central goal in providing an overview of the seemingly never-ending debate over the Antichrist, Millennium kingdom, tribulation and other end-times components is to help Christians assess each theory to try and decide what they truly believe about the end times. "The Armageddon Code" allows them to fact-check what they believe and what their ideological opponents argue by looking to the scriptures at the center of it all.

ES: Anything that surprised you as you wrote it?

BH: Though I shouldn't have been surprised, I was stunned to see that so many people who have both good intentions and deep respect for the biblical scriptures walk away with such divergent ideas about what the Old and New Testaments prophesy about the end times.

Sure, I knew there was a debate, but working on "The Armageddon Code" gave me a unique lens, allowing me to see just how passionate each expert was about his stance, despite coming away with starkly different conclusions in many cases.

The questions we commissioned through Lifeway Research showed that, among pastors, debate is alive and well. Before this book there really wasn't much ...

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