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Art and the Ultimate Investor An Interview with Propaganda

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

Art is a return on God's investment in us.

Ed Stetzer: You are a spoken word artist. Could you explain a little of what that is?

Propaganda: Spoken word is essentially performance-based poetry. It’s like Shakespeare, but done in a way that’s birthed out of hip-hop culture.

ES: Your work seems to have both a commentary on the state of our society now and a prophetic edge. Why is that important?

P: Because at the end of the day, my life’s not my own; my art’s not my own. I think of art as like one of the talents in Jesus’ parable. The Master’s going to come back and want a return on His investment. I’m not just here storing up my own grain. He’s placed an investment in me, so there needs to be a return on that. This makes the prophetic aspect very important because that’s His return on investment. That is me dropping something in culture that the Father or the investor, if you will, will come back and say, “Great work.”

ES: There are those who aren’t sure where the arts fit into God’s redemptive purposes. They may say, “Just tell people about Jesus and get them in a church.” Where do the arts fit in?

P: If you remove the arts, you’d have to rip out the first four chapters of Genesis. Art is as integral to our society and our culture as breathing and water. It’s something that you can’t compartmentalize it away from any other part of the existence of culture.

If you go to a Native American museum, you’re going to see bowls, blankets, and hats. Looking at that, we step back and say, “Wow. That’s art.” But to the Native American, they say, “No, that’s our dinnerware.”

I don’t understand why anyone would think art is something ...

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