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Dear Church Planter I Believe in You

Written by Ed Stetzer on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

Church planting is a key to advancing the kingdom of God.

My first pastoral role was starting a church. My first book was on church planting. I wrote my PhD dissertation on the subject. My first seminary job was teaching church planting.

Some might say I’m obsessed. But I will say I am convinced. I am convinced that church planting is, and will always remain, a key part in the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Which brings me to you, my reader and, perhaps, a church planter like me. God bless you and your work. You’re headed into the adventure of a lifetime, and I pray that my newly revised book, Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply ( helps. And, if experience is the great teacher, it will. This book is jam packed with wisdom, insights, and ideas from people as passionate about church planting as I am.

Since the book’s previous publication, much has changed in church planting. I have tried to reflect that here by changing over 50% of the content. Sources range from people who’ve studied the subject to people who’ve learned by doing and were willing to share their blunders as well as their successes. You’ll see new chapters on multisite, residencies, multi-ethnic churches, theological education, and the difference between denominations and networks, including an integration of the research we recently conducted on church planting (which you can download the State of Church Planting report at And what I couldn’t fit into the volume you’re holding spills onto, which includes additional resources to help you in church planting and multiplication.

Between the book and the website, you have a toolbox of much more than you’ll need. ...

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