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Dont Miss the Story of the Bible

Written by Ed Stetzer Feed on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

Jesus isn’t just part of the Bible story; He is the point of the Bible story.

There are great stories in the Bible…but it is possible to know Bible stories, yet miss the Bible. – Ed Clowney

This quote should caution us as preachers, teachers, and church leaders.

Sure, all of us believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the source of life-transformation and the foundation for spiritual growth. However, many Christians miss this basic premise of the Christian life. Instead of finding the power to live for God in Christ, they try and muster it up in themselves. This always fails.

Part of the reason for this misunderstanding is rooted in how one reads the Bible.

The Bible is not a help book showing us what God needs us to do. The Bible is about what God has done for us. The Bible is the redemptive history of God’s work culminating in Jesus Christ. Once we realize this, the Christian life becomes a response to His grace, not a perpetual attempt to earn His favor.

It’s not about us—and that might be hard to hear—it’s about Him. It involves us, but it is not about us. It's about Jesus.

In other words, Jesus isn’t just part of the Bible story, He is the point of the Bible story.

How to Understand the Bible

Jesus is the one and only mediator between God and man (1 Timothy 2:5). Therefore, I believe that interpreting God’s word must be mediated through Jesus Christ. He is the lens through which we see the scriptures.

I have often asked preachers, would your sermon work if Jesus didn't rise from the dead? If so, there may be a problem.

If a sermon or teaching is not grounded in or filtered through the person and work of Christ, is it even distinctively Christian? I have come to believe that this Christ-centered hermeneutic is ...

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