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Why Waiting to Have it All Together is a BIG Mistake

Written by Ed Stetzer Feed on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

Beth Seversen stops by to talk about the importance of sharing the gospel even when we don't feel "ready."

Have you ever noticed when Jesus strikes up evangelism conversations he doesn’t use The Circle of Belonging, The Big Story, or even The Bridge Diagram? These gospel outlines certainly have their place in evangelism, but notice that Jesus starts the process by initiating conversation and just talking. And what he starts talking about often surprises me.

Take the woman at the well in John 4. It’s kind of odd how Jesus engages her: He begins their conversation by sharing his need and asking her for a drink of water.

Jesus doesn’t wait to talk to people until he’s spiffed up either. I’m thinking about what Jesus might have looked like when he asked the woman for water. We know he was thirsty and he’d been traveling, so I’d imagine he was probably dirty and a little scruffy if he’d been walking a while. You know, a grittier version of how you probably look after you’ve been traveling all day or after a particularly long day.

Now, I’m going to stretch the meaning of the text a little here. Ready?

Could an application of this passage (and others) be that we don’t have to wait until we have our gospel presentation down pat, or our personal life polished before we become a witness or a witnessing community? To wait to have it all together is a mistake, a BIG mistake.

Why? Let’s say you or people in your small group or missional community would rather wait a few years until you learn some more theology, or until you think you have down all you need to know and say to a seeker. What’s going to happen to all those relationships you had back in the day? People will move on. Some will find an apartment off campus, graduate, move away for a job, ...

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