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When Stress Feels Mighty Church Production Teams in Christmastime

Written by Ed Stetzer Feed on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

This time of year is often stressful for church production teams. This is my encouragement to them.

When I was a kid, Christmas was a time of forced church attendance and family conflicts with out-of-town relatives. We did not have much, the gifts reflected it, and we did not know enough to be grateful that we got anything at all.

In other words, when Christmas came around every year, my focus was on it being an unhappy holiday. I was not at all concerned with the actual meaning of Christmas—the birth of the Son of God. So, I grew up not liking Christmas much. Then I became a pastor, and it got worse. Maybe that’s you, right now, but in a different way. One too may late nights. One too many critics of the technology. One too may experts on what the church Christmas service should really include. Just one too many….I get it—if you are reading this magazine, you probably are at a church where it takes a lot of work to pull off a Christmas service. As a pastor, I see how hard our team works every week and how much time and effort they put into every last detail.

Hours of work already go into a normal Sunday church service. For many churches, production teams spend exponentially more hours working toward the Christmas services and activities.This time of year is supposed to be about cheer, joy, gifts, family, and a whole host of other warm, fuzzy things—right? But what about when it isn’t? For a church production team, this time of year can be hectic, annoying, tiring, and downright stressful.

Here are three simple ways a stressed out church production team can find joy in the Christmas season when exhaustion and stress take over:

1. Love your church

Part of the situation requires reminding ourselves why we are doing this—for Christ and His church. In this time of stress, ...

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