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Proposed New Comment Policy for The Exchange-- Would Value Your Input

Written by Ed Stetzer Feed on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

Nine simple rules for commenting respectfully on The Exchange.

In order to facilitate even better conversation, we are seeking to be good hosts. That is always a difficult task because so many struggle with good conversation, leading an increasing number of Christian blogs to shut down comments. In order to make this a good place for conversation, we have to be wise stewards of this forum.

To do that, we have created some comment policies for The Exchange blog. If you are a regular reader, you can help by pointing out the policies to those who may wander astray.

My hope is that the end result will be a conversation that honors God, leads to learning, and provokes us to love and good deeds.

In order to facilitate good conversation, please keep the following in mind:

1. Please do not post anonymous comments.

There are few exceptions to this rule (such as being a missionary in a restricted access country) and you must state "why" in your comment. You must have a real and verifiable email to go with that real name (though that email will never be shared). If you have a blog or website you should include that, but it is not required. Please use your real name.

2. Be sure to stay on topic.

If the topic of the discussion is the mission of God, it is not helpful to start a new conversation on gender roles, Calvinism, or something else. Please try to keep comments on topic with the post you’re commenting on. We don’t need eschatology debates breaking out on posts about church planting.

3. You can share opinions, disagree and even argue, but you must be polite.

The point of a blog is to have discussion. If I wanted to post my opinions and have you just read them and marvel at my brilliance (a joke), I would not have a blog. I welcome the discussion, ...

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