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How to Receive Criticism 3 Ways to Avoid Feeling Attacked by Criticism

Written by Ed Stetzer Feed on . Posted in Ed Stetzer

You're bound to face criticism of some form. The question is: how will you deal with it?

Criticism is a fact of life, particularly for leaders. Previously, I wrote a blog series on giving criticism. I shared five parts on how to give criticism well:

1. Critique What One Actually Believes

2. Critique Fairly and Charitably

3. Wait

4. Check Your Motive and Goal

5. Admit When You Are Wrong

I'd like to come back and address the other side of it now. How should you receive criticism?

Whether we like it or not, criticism is a necessary and even helpful part of learning from one another in the body of Christ. Yes, some people are too thin-skinned to receive it. I confess that I'm not a big fan of it, but I know it is helpful for my sanctification.

As a public figure, people regularly take to social media and blogs to criticize me and various aspects of my ministry. That's part of life for anyone who leads, speaks, or thinks in public.

If you want to be liked all the time, go sell ice cream. Criticism comes when you put it out there.

I have found, however, that it can be a welcome part of my own learning journey.

You may not be a public figure, but if you are a leader in any capacity, you will earn critics for yourself. People won't always be happy and sometimes they will say so.

But, that does not mean we should be afraid of criticism.

Criticism is defined as: 1. To find fault with 2. To judge the merits and faults of; analyze and evaluate.

If no one can ever find fault in your ideas or judge the merits of your decision, you're acting like God, not serving God.

So, how might we prepare ourselves to receive the to be expected criticism? Let me share several ways over the next few blog posts, starting with what may be the most obvious, yet most difficult to apply.

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