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I truly believe that God has raised up our ministry for such a time as this. I know that can sound trite, but I mean it from my heart, and in recent months, many leaders have said to me, “Mike, this is the hour you were made for!”

We sense that so deeply through our entire ministry team – the harvest is ripe, the table is set, and it is time for a Jesus revolution, but we are stretched to the limit and needing supernatural breakthroughs. Will you join us for a special season of prayer and fasting?


God has called this ministry to:

  • help spark revival in the Church
  • ignite a gospel-based, moral and cultural revolution
  • raise up fire-baptized laborers to go to the nations
  • reap a massive harvest of Jewish men and women to Yeshua.

It really is time!

For many years, the Lord promised me that I would be part of a revival that touched the world, and from 1996-2000, we saw that word fulfilled in the midst of the Brownsville Revival, which is still bearing fruit around the globe. And in the midst of that move of the Spirit, the Lord began to speak clearly to me that, just as surely as there was a Civil Rights movement in America, there would be a Jesus-centered, moral and cultural revolution. With man, it’s impossible, but with God, all things are possible!

At the same time that word began to stir in my heart, I sensed the Lord saying to me that He was calling me to be on national talk radio as a voice of revolution. And here we are in 2014 celebrating five and-a-half years of daily talk radio and three full years of national talk radio – broadcasting on some of the very stations the Lord laid on my heart years ago. It is for such a time as this!


I live daily by Paul’s words that “neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth” (1 Cor 3:7), and I personally hate the superstar mentality that often exists in the Church. It is God and God alone who gives the growth – but we have our assignment, and we need your help to complete it. Each of us has an important part to play, and together, we can make a massive difference.

A Deeply Repentant Reader

A reader of one of my older books wrote in to say, “I am challenged, encouraged, humbled – and it has already driven me to my knees in repentance and a ‘new’ dying to self.”

A Jewish Man Comes To Faith

A Jewish man wrote in to say, “Dr. Michael Brown’s work (radio program and books) helped me a lot in my decision to get baptized.”

Personally Revived after Reading Hyper-Grace

Another reader commented, “I just finished Hyper-Grace and it had a profound impact on my life. I can’t adequately put it into words, but I wanted to say thank you. I feel as if my heart has been completely revived.”

Renouncing Homosexual Practice after Watching a YouTube Video

And then this testimony from a man dealing with homosexuality: “For years I have been struggling to balance ‘being a Christian’ and being gay. I was under the deception that because I believed in Jesus Christ as my Savior that I could be pardoned for how I decided to live out my life and started legitimizing myself and basically writing my own commandments instead of following what is so clearly stated in the Word of God.” He then came across my YouTube video answering “Tough Questions about Homosexuality.”

He writes: “I initially scoffed and began listening but the Holy Spirit definitely compelled me to listen and I have changed my views on what I thought to be my sexuality and now call it what it is. A sin problem, which I have decided to no longer walk in and repented of.” Praise God for His goodness!

Every week we are flooded with amazing testimonies – in fact, it’s almost impossible to keep up with them – but we also have a steep financial hill to climb, needing to believe God for an additional $30,000 per month just to meet our current obligations, and our staff is small and our salaries modest.


We also have incredible open doors set before us by the Lord:

  • For TV expansion, much of it for free, but we need another $25,000 to develop the next season of shows. (For anyone involved in serious TV production, you realize that’s an incredibly low number.)
  • We are in the midst of a massive revamping of our Real Messiah Jewish ministry website which will enable us to be much more effective in our Jewish ministry outreach, especially to religious Jews.
  • Across the nation, as well as in other nations, we are being called on to address the pressing moral and cultural issues of the day, speaking the truth in love. (After appearing on Piers Morgan’s show in December, we were flooded with notes of appreciation and affirmation, and we know that we are also called to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity to the secular media.)
  • Many more radio stations want to carry the Line of Fire broadcast, but the cost is high to blanket some of the big cities in America where we are not presently heard.


Recently, after a radio broadcast, I sat down with two of our senior team members and said, “We’re doing the very things the Lord spoke to us about years ago, and everything is bursting at the seams, just as we expected, but we have not yet seen the expected supernatural breakthrough in our finances in order to do everything the Lord has set before us.”

After talking together, we agreed that there was one thing we could do: Seek God intensively in prayer and fasting for 21 days for the promised breakthrough in provision.

We start that special season today, February 3rd. Would you stand with us in prayer and, as the Lord leads, fasting, asking Him to back His vision with His provision?

This is how we work together with the Lord in prayer: He calls us to do His work and then He calls us to seek Him for all that we need to carry out that work, and so prayer can literally change the world!

Believe God with us for:

  • $30,000 per month to meet our current obligations. That equals 1,000 new Torchbearers standing with us at $30 per month or 300 churches standing with us at $100 per month. This is not hard for the Lord!
  • $25,000 to produce the next season of TV shows. This is needed in the next three months.
  • An additional $10,000 per month for new staff salaries to facilitate the growing workload while maintaining a high level of excellence. (This is needed within the next six months).

Please let us know that you are praying and standing with us, and let’s watch and see what our Lord will do.

“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” (Eph 3:20-21)

If you feel prompted to stand with us financially, click HERE.


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