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Thoughts On Politics

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 politics2      We live in a partisan, divisive, and politically paralyzed age. This is true and has been for centuries around the world, but now it’s our situation at home, particularly in Washington, D.C. but also, if you look twice, in many “interest areas” like religion, social or civic endeavors, even athletics.

Family Affair

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family2A multigenerational household is defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as three or more generations living together. These types of living arrangements have been common in the Asian and Hispanic cultures, but they have not been typical in American households. According to the Census, only about 4% or 4.2 million American households in the past were multigenerational. That’s changing! Current Census results show that between the years of 1990 and 2000, multigenerational households in the United States grew by 38%. In 65% of multigenerational families, the children and grandchildren were living with a grandparent and in one-third of the cases, the parents lived with their children.

What’s my point in sharing all of this?

Follow the Leader

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leaderThere’s a game I played as a kid and maybe you did too. It’s called, “Follow the Leader” and it’s pretty simple. You can do it inside or out, with a couple of friends or many. First you pick a leader among the group. The objective is for everyone else to follow behind that leader doing exactly what they do. By exactly, I mean, if they scratch their nose, you have to do the same. If they cough, you cough. If they ride their bike over a stick, then you have to ride over the same stick. For the leader, the objective is to try and eliminate the followers by coming up with complicated tasks that they either can’t do or forget to do.


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I've heard people tell me, "If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." But what if I told you the existence of 'luck' is as likely as the existence of "leprechauns"?

Resurrection 'Spin'

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goodnews“So the soldiers took the money and did as they were instructed. And this story has been widely circulated among the Jews to this very day”.   Matthew 28:15

If there is one issue that seems to be coming to me over and over lately, it is the “spin” that is being put on reality and life by the media. Sometimes I wake up and wonder if I can trust anything I hear and see anymore. There is so much distortion of reality by the media that it is frightening. The media “spin” has seemingly turned black into white, up into down, truth into error and right into wrong. Recently, I have begun to wonder what happened to my country. Am I alone in this thinking? How about you?

What's Behind the Recent Faith Based Movies

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doveIn 1990 Dick Rolfe began to provide a service for families that were disappointed in the lack of family-friendly films. “We were frustrated because we felt inadequate to make selections on behalf of our children and without watching the films themselves beforehand. And we didn’t trust the Motion Picture ratings; G, PG, PG-13 and R.” So Mr. Rolfe and several other parents started reviewing movies and assigning their own ratings to them and developed a content listing which included categories for sex, language, violence, drugs, nudity, and an “other” category which covered disrespectful attitudes, the occult, and any other familial concerns. This was the birth of The Dove Foundation. Today, The Dove Foundation’s Seal is easily recognizable on DVD packages in a variety of stores, in addition to providing reviews on major theatrical and DVD releases at their website,

Justina Pelletier

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Linda and Lou Pelletier have been fighting for custody of their daughter since Feb. 14, 2013, when they were accused of medical child abuse and lost custody of her to DCF. At the root of the case is a disagreement about medical diagnoses. The Pelletiers had been treating Justina for mitochondrial disease, which a doctor at Tufts Medical Center diagnosed her with several years ago. Last February, doctors at a Connecticut hospital suggested the Pelletiers bring Justina to Boston Children’s to see a gastrointestinal specialist, who had recently transferred from Tufts, when she was experiencing complications from the flu.

At Boston Children’s however, the family said they were not seen by a gastrointestinal doctor but by physicians who ended up disagreeing with the mitochondrial disease diagnosis. The doctors at Boston Children’s said Justina had somatoform disorder, a psychiatric disorder that says the cause of her symptoms are in her head.

Justina Pelletier has been in the custody of the state since Feb. 14, 2013. Th family's next court date is March 17.

Justina Pelletier has been in the custody of the state since Feb. 14, 2013. Th family’s next court date is March 17.

The Pelletiers have been trying to regain custody and medical care of their daughter ever since. Boston Children’s Hospital and the Department of Children and Families have each declined to comment on the case.

Get involved:

Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS)
Health and Human Services

Massachusetts Department of Children and Families
Olga Roche, Acting Commissioner
600 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 748-2000 operator

Boston Children's Hospital   
300 Longwood Avenue,
Boston, MA 02115    

Allowing Others Their Christian Liberty

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nunChristian liberty is the least understood and the least practiced doctrine in the Bible. I cannot prove this, of course, but based upon years of experience I believe it.

Christian liberty is the biblical teaching that once we become a believer in Christ God entrusts us with the opportunity and responsibility to make decisions about how we live. That is, he gives us the Bible as our means of knowing his moral will, then he wants us to decide what we do, what we don’t do, what practice we embrace, what practice we reject.

The Key Concept

     God gave us principles to live by. His Word presents certain moral absolutes, commands for our good requiring our obedience. These absolutes are the non-negotiables of Scripture, the will of God that does not change with culture, person or persona, gender, age, race, ethnicity, or our lifestyle inclinations. Included in this list are the big ones: idolatry, murder, lying, adultery, theft, and a few more. God’s list isn’t that long, really, but each “thou shalt” and “thou shalt not” is critical to our wellbeing and we ignore them at our own peril.

A Celebration of Irrationality

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rightorwrong We live in an irrational age. Pretty much people do what they want to do, when they want to do it, with whom they want to do it. This sounds good. Sounds like freedom, actually.

But what we’re doing doesn't add up. No matter if you measure by history, religion, moral philosophy, nature, or common sense, the answer is the same: a lot of what we’re doing is irrational.

Why? Because so much of what we’re doing jettisons concern for “right” or “wrong,” defies faith and reason, and is disconnected from reality. This is the very definition of irrational.

Freedom is a wonderful thing, a blessing and a gift from God to the human race. But freedom works best guided by belief in God, individual responsibility, and personal accountability, moral concerns that remind us that life is best when lived within divine parameters. The Scripture says it thusly: “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love” (Galatians 5:13).

Facing Evil, The Boston Marathon

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runPeriodically, we look evil in the face. The Boston Marathon bombings are the latest sickening evidence evil exists and is all too alive and well.

No matter who we are, or what kind of character with which we live, evil intrudes, either from within our own hearts or from the hearts of others. It crashes in without regard for life or limb, without sensitivity or restraint, and without conscience or compassion. It’s just evil. It maims and kills and destroys. Its end is death.

President Obama said, “Make no mistake. We will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this and we will find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice.”

Understanding Evil

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evilEvil exists. We’re reminded of this each time another tragic—avoidable—incident hits the news.

“Mass killings” come to mind, a phrase now part of our national consciousness and the cultural lexicon. All we need do is say certain words and it all comes rushing back: Columbine, 9/11, Nickel Mines Amish school, Virginia Tech, Norway’s Utoya Island, Clackamas, Sandy Hook. And mass killings are only one form of evil. There are many more.

Evil also exists worldwide, of course. Killing, pain and suffering, grief and tears occur everyday in the Syrian civil war, Mexican drug war, Burma internal disputes, Pakistan and Afghanistan wars, to name only a few.

Safe at Home

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safe I survived Y2K, the Mayan end of the world has passed, the ball’s dropped, and I’m looking at another blank calendar wondering what the New Year holds.

Unfortunately, January 1st is also a day that goes down in infamy. All my New Year’s plans typically end up on the bottom of the ocean of my daily tasks and demanding schedule in just a few weeks. Yet I love getting a new start, and the first of the year is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and pen a few new goals.

Why Christians Should Behave Like Dogs

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sunglassesWhat’s hairy all over and smells like corn chips? No, this isn’t a joke. I’m referring to a leader (of sorts) I work alongside every day. She keeps my feet warm, lifting her head to meet my gaze, tail a-thumping when I call her name.

Zoe. And Maddy. There are two of them, actually, who accompany me to my home office, listening to the tap, tap of my hands across the computer keyboard, wondering when I’ll be done, watching me with anticipation perchance I ask, “Wanna go outside?”

They are great dogs—sweet, gentle. Yet they know they’ve got me wrapped around their little paws. The influence they exert on our family is tremendous. Christians would be wise to observe and learn from them.

Let's talk about Life Stories

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emergencyIt’s here!

A clean slate--a fresh start--a new year! The pilgrims’ journey continues, but with a hearty joie de vivre as a new canvas, a fresh page, beckons with a sense of adventure, anticipation, and exhilaration. Just what do we do with a happy, new year? First ask, “How does God want me to use this God-given blessing--this gift?”

Travelers we are! Our lifestory is created step-by-step. Another word for lifestory might be legacy, a written biography or autobiography. Mark Twain observed, “Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man--the biography of the man cannot be written.” We see that thought expressed in Scripture: “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (I Samuel 16: 7b).

Overcoming Doubt

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"With great doubt comes great understanding,
with little doubt comes little understanding"

We need to overcome doubt.  Have you overcome your doubt?

Smart Money

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Smart Money: Wise words on credit, lending, profit, and generosity with our money.

Is Money Your Servant? Or Your Master?

Rambo Christians?

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Are Christians called to fight evil in others, like the vigilante heroes in movies? Or to submit to government and let God avenge evil acts?
What do you think?

Nuclear Fears

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Listening to the news today can be very disturbing as we hear and see all that is going on in the Middle East and around the world. This segment of The Carlson Report assures us that through all of this, God is working out His plan and purposes.

When Government Becomes God

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In this age of increased growth of the scope and power of government, who really cares about us and is able to take care of us?

Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places

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Throughout the years people have been searching for a lasting peace, but have been looking in all the wrong places.  Today people are still looking for peace and we are still looking in all the wrong places.  The Carlson Report examines the only real source for lasting peace.

Why are Roses Red?

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The Carlson Report looks at the subject of Valentine's Day and answers the question: Why are Roses Red?

Bricks Without Straw

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Where do we find rest in a 24/7 culture? How do we maintain boundaries that are healthy between work and rest? There is One who has the answer to this problem that is not just a modern problem.

Tolerance or Love?

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Tolerance is a popular word today.  We are all told we should be tolerant.  We don't hear as much about love.  But, is tolerance what you really want?  Wouldn't we all rather be loved?

Will America Last Forever?

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Throughout history the world has seen kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall.  We have seen nations rise and nations fall, and today we even see our own nation on the decline.  But, what a wonderful promise we have that the Kingdom of God will never fall or be destroyed.

"God Bless our Robbery": A Conversation with Diet Eman

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How do you feed hundred's of people in country where food is rationed? Diet Eman, a leader in the Dutch resistance during World War II, tells how it became necessary to rob the government offices for ration cards in order to provide for the people they were hiding.

Diet also shares the beautiful story of how she was able to find forgiveness after the war.

"They had calluses on their knees": A Conversation with Diet Eman

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Diet Eman starts out this conversation by recounting how she and her fiancé Hein began hiding Jews in the Netherlands during World War II because of a letter Herman, her Jewish friend and co-worker, received telling him to leave the country.

She talks about the dangers and risks that were involved in hiding the Jews, not only for those actually involved in the resistance movement, but also for their friends and family

The Crime of Being Jewish: A Conversation with Diet Eman

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Diet Eman, a member of the Dutch Christian Resistance during World War II, talks about the rise of Hitler and the occupation of Holland.  She shares the story of Herman, a Jewish friend and co-worker, whose situation motivated her to become involved in the Dutch resistance movement.

Suprised by Evil: A Conversation with Diet Eman

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As a young woman in the Christian resistance in Holland during World War II, Diet Eman experienced firsthand the atrocities that occurred in her country at the hands of the Nazis.  In this conversation, Diet shares how the people in her country could have known what was to happen by reading the book Hitler wrote, Mein Kampf.  But because most people did not read the book, they were surprised and unprepared for what happened.

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