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Why are Roses Red?

rose9“The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.” (Isaiah 35:1 KJV)

Once we understand that everything is about Jesus, we are on our way to making sense out of life. The Bible teaches that wonderful truth in Colossians 1:16 where it states, “…all things were created by Him and for Him.” Yes, our Lord set up the world and life to teach people about Himself, so we could have a relationship with Him. If this is true, then we don’t have to look too far to find Him.

As a case in point, let’s look at Valentine’s Day, which will arrive on February 14. Many people will fill the stores looking for last minutes gifts for their loved ones, but the most common gift given will be flowers….no doubt about it. Flowers seem to say more than many other things because flowers are often connected to love and romance. As the florists like to say, “Say it with flowers”. Say what? Well, love is sometimes hard to put into words, so you try to express it with flowers.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the number one flower given out, hands down, are red roses. Sure, a lot of other colors of roses will be given out, but they are always behind the red ones. Did you ever stop and think why people like red roses so much? Why not white or yellow or some other color? I think the answer lies in the fact that red is the color in life for passion. Red excites us; it expresses feelings and calls for action. Psychologists and advertisers discovered that years ago and that is why McDonald’s restaurants use red as the backdrop for their corporate logo. Red is the color a bullfighter holds in front of the bull to get them to charge in the arena. Red is the color of blood and expresses all the passion that comes from suffering for a cause in a war for something or someone we believe in. Bottom line: we are wired for red roses in ways we don’t even understand.

Now one of the interesting things about the most popular Valentine’s Day flower is that it is full of thorns. Its beauty comes out a very prickly stem that is easy to cause us to bleed if we aren’t careful. Now if I haven’t lost anyone yet, you may begin to see we are talking about Jesus. The Lord is the red rose of life. His beauty and majesty came out of a world plunged into sin and turned to thorns (Genesis 3:18). He wore our thorns as a crown during His Passion for us (Matthew 27:29) and shed His blood for us. This passion was His flower to us, His Valentine’s Day of sorts to the world. Most missed it then… and now. People hand out red roses to many they love, but have failed to see the Red Rose of love (John 3:16) from the Hand of God to each of us.

In a way, the prophet Isaiah spoke of Valentine’s Day over 3700 years ago. He tells us that one day the desert will blossom like a rose. In other words, in the Messianic Age, all the things ruined by sin will blossom and come alive again. Even the desert will blossom like a rose and you will see flowers there. Right now the Israelis are growing flowers in the desert and the prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. This Valentine’s Day, Israel will export over 60 million flowers to Europe, many of which are grown in their desert areas……amazing! Israel has become one of the world’s largest exporters of roses. However, Israel’s greatest export will always be the Gospel our Lord Jesus Christ, the world’s first Valentine.

Hence, the real blossoming of that Red Rose began when our Lord appeared in the desert to meet John the Baptist and start His public ministry. Our Lord’s coming and passion for us on the Cross was the Rose that caused Israel and the world to bloom or resurrect, for those who believed. Our Lord’s first appearance in the desert will be consummated at His glorious return, as the Messianic Age will begin all over the world. When that day arrives, the world will have change forever and we will be there to see it with our own eyes. What a day! What a Lord! What a Valentine’s Day!

May all of us meet Jesus anew in everyday life this February, whether we give or receive any flowers. Jesus is our Valentine. May we be His.

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